Building Open Source ChoiceMaker Technology

Some things to note

Dependence on Eclipse 2.1

Special packaging

Dependence on proprietary, third-party libraries

Oracle JDBC driver
Microsoft JDBC driver


Building the software components from source code

Building the Maven site

Because of a known bug in the Maven dependency plugin (MDEP 187), the Maven site should (must?) be built in conjunction with another goal such as package, install or deploy. If the site is built by itself, projects like choicemaker-cm/choicemaker-common/ will fail, because they try to copy the result of a (built) dependency into the current build directory. For example, the compiler project tries to copy the org.apache.oro JAR file (jakarta-oro-2.0.1.jar) into a target/lib directory. During a multi-project build, this step will fail unless one of the goals is at least package. If not, Maven will try to use the classes diretory of the ORO project, which fails the dependency pluging requires a file, not a directory. That's the theory, anyway.

In practice, because some POM-only projects define a javadocs report that their subprojects will use, it seems that JAR files for subprojects must be installed before the Maven site is built.

The toughest configuration to get right is an offline build. Here's one command sequence that works:

  mvn -o clean install ; mvn -o package site site:stage

Other command sequences may also work; if any are found, they'll should be added to this documentation.

Deploying the Maven site

The top-level project object model file (pom.xml) specifies a site distribution URL on the localhost:


This configuration requires that the build machine hosts an ssdh server. The login credentials for the server should be configured in the user's Maven settings ($HOME/.m2/settings.xml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <!-- ... -->

The build configuration also requires that the build machine have a directory pathway that starts at the root and continues through to a "dev-doc" directory:


On Linux and Mac OS X, a convenient way to deploy the site to an alternate host is to use sshfs to mount a remote directory at the dev-docs directory.

  sshfs <user>@<host>:<path> /home/project-web/oscmt/htdocs/dev-doc